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Company Overview

Our Mission

  • Provide reliable hosting infrastructure
  • Provide first class web solutions
  • Enable world-class support
  • Deliver competitive pricing
  • To develop the web site that best suits your needs
  • To develop UI graphics that will, both excite and enhance the client's corporate identity with a global name "iDEWALES GROUP" has evolved into a well established Web Developing and Web Hosting company, providing a total design and digital communications service around the globe.

We have a skill base that covers web development, website design, interactive media projects, CD Rom production, corporate identity, marketing literature, brochures, annual reports and laptop presentations.


Our team is committed to producing commercially successful design within a financial budget and an agreed time schedule. The latest technology allows us to provide a rapid response to a client base throughout the globe.

Our commitment to employing genuinely friendly, creative, and enthusiastic people really makes a difference to our customer relations and communications.

Our solutions challenge the norm, setting new standards for Web Development, Web Hosting and Interactive media. In addition to using the world's best virtual hosting control panel software, our next-generation hosting infrastructure delivers the industry's most reliable and scalable solutions, all backed by a dedicated team of technical experts providing responsive, personalized support.

Serving both large and small business customers, our web site solutions have been proven again and again in demanding real-world environments.

Our Approach And Philosophy

Experience has caused us to adopt a formula that includes a very clean, simplistic, yet sophisticated layout, especially with regard to corporate-oriented design.

We also take much pride in the usability of our applications, stemming from our strong belief in the importance of user-oriented design, striving for the perfect balance of form AND function.

Our Identity

Buttion and Banner

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How to Place the Buttons on Your Web Site

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Buttion and Banner


iDewales Service Logo

Rules For Proper Branding and Trademark Use:

  • When using a iDewales trademark, never vary the spelling, add or delete hyphens in the trademark or logo.
  • iDewales may from time to time modify the trademarks or logos. iDewales will make reasonable efforts to give third parties advance notice of such modifications.
  • The Publisher shall not modify or alter the logo or images in any manner, other than resizing.
  • No other logo or trademark can be used in conjunction with iDewales's product names or trademarks except in the case where written consent has been granted by